Customers Weaving Projects

Customers Projects

A proud display of work by some of our customers. What an imaginative and talented group of folks they are....!

Hazel hand made footstool with an extra "leg" and a mixture of hand twisted materials in the seat. A superb shop display by the window dressers of Anthropologie using rattan splint, (photo their copyright and used with permission). Look at the three dimensional work on the wall.
This is Bob alongside his newly restored Arts and Crafts armchair. He used one of our hand cane kits and was very pleased with the result. Lovely job Bob! A "paper hat" made from Danish and loom cord.
Lovely work by students of the well known green woodworker Mike Abbott. Chairs made by the students on the course and then seated using a mixture of paper fibre and Danish cord. This is Dick. He came along to us for a course to learn cane and rush weaving a while ago and now works as a restorer. He finished his rush chair seat beautifully in just one day.