Rattan Cane Materials

Cane as a descriptive term probably came from "skein" meaning the yarn or material used to weave. The cane that's used for seat weaving is not a cane, it is the shiny outer skin "skeined" from the rattan plant, a large jungle vine with barbarous spines that help it to climb through the south-east Asian forests. Woven cane as a method of chair seating was first introduced into England during the second half of the 17th century. To begin with the holes in the chair framework were widely spaced apart, but as time passed, the canework became finer and more closely woven, eventually giving us the six way pattern that we are familiar with today. The popularity of cane has remained virtually constant in Europe where a lot of modern furniture has some weaving either for its decorative qualities or for its practicality. In England, its popularity has largely been dictated by fashion. During the Regency period many "faux" bamboo chairs were made, some with finely crafted cane seats. The Brighton Pavilion was a trend setter, its style was based around Far Eastern influences. English furniture manufacturers wanted to reflect this style and so cane weaving became more widely recognised. Since then a revival of Regency design at the turn of the 20th century saw an increase in furniture with rattan details. Bergere salon suites became popular with their woven back and side panels and almost everyone had a dainty cane seated bedroom chair. Many of these Edwardian pieces are highly prized now and happily the caneworker's art is making a comeback.

For more details about restoring these types of chairs please visit Former Glory. Below are the varieties of rattan products that we supply for DIY repair.

Hand woven cane chair

Hand cane

The outer skin of the rattan vine used for hand weaving many patterns. Available in sizes from 1.60mm to 4.00mm. Lapping cane also available in 5.00mm to 6.00mm. Please click on the image for prices and more details.
Round cane and splint basket

Centre cane, flat splint or reed

The milled centre pith of the rattan vine used for weaving chairs seats and baskets. Available in various sizes. Please click on the image for prices and more details. Round cane from 1.5mm to 10mm and flat cane/reed in 5mm and 10mm widths.
Pre-Woven Cane Panelling

Pre-woven cane panelling

Machine woven panelling in various patterns six way, basket woven, ariel and z weave. Available in 18", 24" and 36" standard widths. 3/4", 1/2" and 3/8" gauge. Please click on the image for prices and more details.