Seat Weaving Supplies is the internet mail order sister site to Former Glory specialist restorers and seat bottomers. All material supplied is of the very best quality currently available and always competitively priced. Every item of stock is carefully stored to optimize freshness to ensure ease of use. Most importantly we know how to use everything in stock so can help you to choose the right material for the right application. Don't be shy, if you have a question about anything, just ask! We operate our mail order service from South East Dorset, not far from the Hampshire border. Phone 01202 895859. We don't have an online ordering facility because we like to talk to our customers!

To navigate the site you will find a vertical bar on the left hand side of every page. The green buttons will take you to the main category page which will give information on material recognition, types and a little history about that method of seating. The sub-sections below each category will take you to the dedicated page for that specialist material - sizes, quantities and prices.



Fine "Reel Rush"

Ultra fine 3-3.5mm diameter pre-twisted "Reel Rush". Limited stocks

15.00 per bobbin


Danish "L" shaped nails, a full box of 1500 for 25.00 amazing value. Please phone us to order on 01202 895859.


How To Restore A Hand Woven Cane Chair Seat
How to Restore A Hand Woven Cane Chair

A fully illustrated DIY Guide to weaving a 6 way weave cane chair seat.

Sample and download the EBook on Amazon here for only $2.99/1.93!


Plaited braid, flat wrapping strand and webbing material for "Lloyd Loom" type furniture.

Want to learn?

We have a "trilogy" of training DVDs!

Confused?? Try our Q&A page!! Click below.

Experienced Caneworker? Try one of our metal "steamers". Especially useful for speeding up the weaving process in bowed backs, large bergere chairs, fine weaving and all circular work

Made in England

From Only 4.00 each

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Hand Cane
Centre Cane/Reed
Cane Panelling
Plastic Cane

Reel Rush
Paper Fibre Rush
French Straw Cordon

Danish Cord
Paper Loom Fabric and Braid

Hand Cane
Cane Panel
Instructional DVDs
Cane Conservatory Repair
Customers Projects

Former Glory Antique Restoration Home Page


Are you a Green Wood Chair Maker? - click below for the perfect seating material!!

River Rush paper fibre rush. 10 and 6 ply realistic cord. Lovely to use.

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Cane Materials Price List

Rattan vine products for bergere chair seat/back restoration and basketry. Tohiti, Manau and Malacca whole rattan poles suitable for furniture making, martial arts and stickmaking.


Other Cords Price List

Traditional seagrass, Danish seat paper cord and "Lloyd Loom" type woven furniture materials.

Plastic/Synthetic Weaving Materials Price List

Modern materials.

Rush Materials Price List

Pre-twisted real rush and hardwearing modern paper fibre cords in two thicknesses and two colours. Suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced chair seat weaver.


 DIY Kits Price List

Complete DIY kits and DVDs to help you to restore your chair seats.




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